Characteristics of Our Research Panel

As a specialist Research and Consulting firm for the Game Industry, gameage R&I has established an extensive Research Panel specifically designed for video game surveys

Our research scheme

In contrast to common web-based surveys, our research programs offer the following advantages:

Extensive Research Panel specialized in game surveys

gameage R&I established a research panel of 400,000 game users to conduct surveys. Capitalizing on our uniquely developed indexes, including demographic attributes, IPS and other specific indicators, we offer advanced research capabilities. In addition, the Research Panel is updated semi-annually and we conduct monthly checks to ensure all data is accurate and up-to-date.

Correction values (WB values) used to bring data into line with actual user distribution for extrapolation based on data gained from social surveys

・・・ As a result of the spread of the Internet, the majority of online survey respondents have a high level of IT literacy and if only a simple tabulation is used obtained data can differ from reality. gameage R&I uses data obtained from monthly social surveys to extrapolate using WB values for correction and alignment.

Characteristics of Our Research Panel

Segmentation method

Uniquely developed user segmentation that supports strategic approaches

Using a consumer panel of 400,000 members, we segment users based on the results of aggregate calculations and various techniques of analysis. In addition to gaming consoles, we have developed user segmentation indexes appropriate to each of various situations, covering the full range of categories from gaming consoles to portable devices and social gaming.

IPS(Innovative Power Segment)
A user segmentation index exclusively for gaming consoles
SPS(Social game Play-style Segment)
A user segmentation index exclusively for portable devices / social gaming
BLM(Brand Loyalty Measurement)
A unique segmentation tool developed for brand management of each product (title). For details, please see Research example page.

For details, please see Research example page.